SYC: It may SEEM like insanity, but it’s SNOT

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Episode 5.9
“Listening to Fear”
First Aired November 28, 2000


This episode was really unsettling. This is the only time a bad guy hits Sunnydale from outerspace – what can Buffy possibly do to combat this hot mess?

And she has her own problems. Can I just say, right up front to get it out of the way, that cancer sucks? It sucketh royally. Can’t imagine the decision making process used to allow Joyce to bow out this way, but overall, the plot line SUCKS. There. Done.

What else is Buffy dealing with. Let’s see… a pseudo-sister who isn’t getting any less annoying, a boyfriend with an inferiority complex, a not-Angel-vampire who wants to jump her bones, and oh, yeah, a god who wants to go home and doesn’t give a rat’s ass who she obliterates to do it.



Glory is a whack-job of the highest order, but at least she has Ben to summon the cleanup on Aisle 3, wherever she spreads her special brand of chaos. These Queller demons seem to be the underachievers of the universe. They obviously didn’t pay attention in class, and didn’t do homework like all the other good little space creatures, so they are delegated to serve as the wad-of-keys-carrying custodians. Instead of brooms and sawdust, they use their own special kind of all purpose mucous cleaner to take out the trash – which as we discover, are all the poor souls who have been brain-sucked by Glory.

This one made a huge mistake when it thought Joyce was a candidate for the Goo-Be-Gone treatment (SORRY, sometimes I can’t HELP it…) and is fairly quickly dispatched by Buffy, with Spike’s help. But before it is 86’d, though, it leaves a stinky trail of carcasses from the crater to Joyce’s bedroom.



There’s no non-yucky segue to a description of the colorway for this episode. “Killer Snot Monster from Outer Space” is 80/10/10 Merino / Cashmere / Nylon – 365 m. of gorgeous browns, and golds, and an olive-y green, cuz, well, boogers. I’m thinking it would make some great socks for a guy, or a great cowl for us Autumn girls.

But please, please, don’t use it to make a hankie. That would be too obvious!


Favorite Quotes

Xander: I still don’t get why we had to come here to get info about a killer snot monster.
Giles: Because it’s a Killer Snot Monster from Outer Space. (pause) I did not say that.

Dawn: There’s a girl at school told me that gelatin is made from ground-up cow’s feet, and that if you eat Jell-O, there’s some cow out there limping with no feet. But, I told her I’m sure they kill ’em before they take off their feet. Right?
Buffy (to Joyce)You’re the one who insisted on teaching her to talk.


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SYC: The Dawn of a New Season

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Episode 5.2
“The Real Me”
First Aired October 3, 2000

(Some spoilers – but who hasn’t watched all of Buffy by now, really?!?)

It wasn’t the moon landing, or the day Reagan was shot, or the day the Patriots blew the Super Bowl after a perfect season, but I remember vividly the first time I watched the Buffy vs. Dracula episode. This first installment of the fifth season was funny, well-written, and Drac was hella-sexxy, if a little pale. Thanks to Xander, Butt-Monkey became part of my vocabulary.

But that ending.





Who the hell was this twerp, and what was she doing there? We learned slowly about Dawn’s origins, but right up front, we knew she was trouble. Which starts with T. Like Teenager. And Tantrum.

As the season progressed, my favorite expression of discontent became




Man, if I had talked to my mother the way Dawn did, I would still be washing Lava soap out of my mouth. Not sure if you can tell, but she isn’t my favorite character in the WhedonVerse. She’s down at the bottom, actually, with Riley and Warren Mears. The scene where she spoon fed yogurt to an addled Tara makes me scream at the maudlin-icity. Drives me nuts when I know it’s coming – grind my teeth crazy.

But she has her finer moments (Riley did too, I’m not a total hater). And as she grew up, the tantrums and stupid moves became a serious drive to help and an amazing ability to read ancient languages like a boss. But damn – for most of Season Five, she drove me nuts.


Speaking of like a boss, Mad Color brings us our first colorway for Season Five in a big Dawn-y way. The colors are immediately reminiscent of the sweater Dawn was wearing in The Real Me (5.2), where she first demonstrates that preternatural ability to annoy, whine, and confuse. We also get the first hint, thanks to Crazy Man #1 outside the Magic Box, that all things are not well in Sunnydale.



But do you love the name of this colorway? “I’m Telling Mom You Slayed in Front of Me!”

As the oldest of three sisters, man, I can RELATE.




Favorite Quotes

Dawn: [about Tara] She and Willow are both witches. They do spells and stuff, which is so much cooler than slaying. I told mom one time I wish they’d teach me some of the things they do together. And-and then she got really quiet and made me go upstairs.

Dawn: [about Buffy] She still thinks I’m Little Miss Nobody, just her dumb little sister. Boy, is she in for a surprise.


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Patrol 5 is (a)Live!

Membership for Patrol 5 are now closed


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Patrol 5 – Back to the Hellmouth!


Giles here on my way back to Sunnydale.  You should join me because it’s  almost that time again!  Time to see whether you are a chosen one, because Patrol 5 begins soon.

Some deets about the club:

Is this your first time at Dizzy Color’s Sunnydale:  A Buffy/Angel production?  Well, welcome to the Hellmouth.  Where the days are hot, and the vampires are hotter!

Dizzy Blonde Studios and Mad Color Fiber Arts have teamed up to bring you Dizzy Color:  Sunnydale, a yarn club inspired by Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.  Each “Patrol” or “Calling” will be 4 months long, with a 2-month hiatus between each patrol.

The yarn will be approx. 4 oz/110g. of glorious Merino/Cashmere/Nylon sock yarn, and dyed to perfection by either Dizzy Blonde Studios or Mad Color Fiber Arts.  However, we are not above surprising you with a different yarn base from time to time.  Just ask those Scoobies who were a part of Patrol 3 and Patrol 4!

And to make things even MORE interesting, we’ll be giving the traditional stitch markers a rest.  Instead, we’ll be doing something completely different.  Wanna know what it is?  If I told you , it would spoil the surprise!  Okay, fine.  I’ll give you a hint.  It will be pretty, it will be useful and it will be handmade by the Dizzy One.  And as always, there will be an original pattern an original, designed exclusively for this Patrol by a very talented budding designer.

All this for a mere $130.00, domestic, $140.00 Canadian, and $144.00 for all other international*.  This includes shipping for all 4 installments.  What a deal!

Patrol 5 is (you guessed it) inspired by Season 5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  and will feature colorways and a pattern based on aspects of that season.  So, which aspects of Season 5 will we be featuring this time around? Will your favorite be among them?  Who knows!  If you haven’t done so already, join the Ravelry Group, be a Scoobie!

So just a quick note on how sign-ups are going to work.  As with Patrol 4 and First Calling, there will not be any pre-registration. When memberships open up, hopefully on or around May 8th, we’ll put Paypal buttons both in a separate post as well as in the sidebar where the countdown is currently located. Just click on the relevant button to reserve your spot.  Make sure you have your current mailing address entered into Paypal and include your Ravelry ID in the “notes” section so we can more easily match you up.

32 member are our target number, however, that’s not set in stone, and we’ve been known to take all comers in the past. Additionally, if you really REALLY want to get in on Patrol 5 but can’t swing the full amount up front, please PM me. I’ve been known to be a bit accommodating in the past.

ScoobiesFirst shipment will go out in June, with the last shipment going out in September and the pattern download going out by the middle of November.

Membership sign-ups close on May 28th, so don’t delay.  Join today!

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Sunnydale Yarn Club

Angel Season 1, Episode 18
“Five by Five”
First Aired 04.25.2000

Angel Season 1, Episode 19
First Aired 05.02.2000

Faith is on a long journey to maturity and, well, sanity in the Buffy Verse. She takes the long way around, but eventually gets there. Along the way, there is a trail of tears and fights and dead people and naked alligator wrestling and dead demons and Harlot lipstick and used boy toys and people who care about her then want to kill her and then feed her delicious pastries.

Makes me tired just thinking about it. We all struggle in one way or another but Faith turns it into an art form. However, to give her props, she does it in style.

Five by Five

Five by Five, dyed by Mad Color

This SYC shipment screams FAITH!!

Five by Five (80/10/10 Merino, Cashmere, Nylon) is black as her soul in her worst times, and Harlot red as her lipstick (well, it was Joyce’s lipstick but Faith wears it ever so much better, really). It’s powerful and vivid and sexy – almost as if to knit anything less than a set of fuzzy handcuffs with it would be a waste. (Gotta check Ravelry – no doubt someone has come up with a pattern for handcuffs…)

It’s self-striping, too. If you’re making socks, you’ll get 4 or 5 rows of solid striping per color. Think prison stripes, only hotter.

5x5When Faith goes to LA, little does she know that it is the first step to redemption. Initially, she is just trying to get away from the chaos she created in Sunnydale, but chaos precedes and surrounds this girl. The assignment to kill Angel falls in her lap and it is the best thing she ever does to accept the challenge. Her meltdown in the downtown showdown (sorry – too much caffeine today) after smacking the snot out of of our favorite punching bag, Wesley, is her last wall crashing down, hard. She’s hit bottom, and like anyone who is hooked on the bad stuff, whether it’s violence, drugs, sex or ice cream, it’s going to be a long hard road back to life in the sane lane.


The girl just needs a hug. And jail time. But even in prison blues, she manages to be fab in rehab. (Really, I apologize! No more coffee!)

And OMG – there are a bunch of handcuff patterns on Rav! For reals! What a world…



But wait, there’s even more deliciousness! In this shipment, the cutest bag! And the zipper pull – a teensy weensy little skull! Squeeeee!

The bag is also custom dyed, to get that special bleedy-hearty kinda crimson. Mad Color, you rock. Seriously.

Everything is FIVE BY FIVE!



Favorite Quote

Wesley: I realize there have been failures, on both sides. But I also believe in my heart that you are not a bad person.
(Faith elbows Cordelia in the face.)
Faith: What do you believe in your heart now?

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Sunnydale Yarn Club: Father Doesn’t Always Know Best

Angel Season 1, Episode 15
“The Prodigal”
First Aired 02.22.2000

Colorway: Daddy Issues



From what I can find on the IntarWebs (so it must be true), Joss Whedon (all hail…) seems to have had a decent relationship with his dad. And, he has two kids of his own. So it puzzles me that so many (most) fathers and father figures in the Buffy / Angel -Verse are just incapable of handling the job.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take stock…

  • Buffy’s dad bugs out when the going gets fight-y.
  • Xander’s dad is a raging, abusive alcoholic. Keep your handbags away from this schmuck.
  • Wesley’s dad is well-represented by a murderous robot. The real thing isn’t much more lovable.
  • Faith and the Mayor – now that’s some sick stuff right there.
  • Tara’s dad wants to bring her back home to obey and to serve and to…just ick.
  • D’Hoffryn sorta serves as a father figure to his Vengeance demon family – just don’t piss him off. His idea of a timeout is a little extreme.
  • Even Angel is given the chance to raise a son, and let’s be real here, he made so many mistakes that Conner is lucky not to have become a homicidal headcase – oh, wait…

There are some exceptions to the rule of course, but for the most part, there are no Father of the Year awards to pass out. In this episode, we see two more shining examples of paternal ineptitude. Liam’s father is a puritanical tyrant and Lockley’s father is an unforgivable brick wall of passive aggression. It’s not going to end well – no one is going to put a big happy face on the calendar for the third Sunday in June.

Funny (peculiar, not ha-ha) though, come to think of it – both fathers die of neck ruptures.

They had it comin’.

A few questions to ponder come out of this episode – how much does our relationship with our parents affect the adults (or monsters) we become? How much of the pain and rejection Liam felt as he continually failed to meet his father’s expectations was carried forward to fuel the sadism and cruelty Angelus was delighted to share with his countless victims?

And Lockley, good gravy is she a headcase, even before grabbing that Talking Stick and turning into a big blonde bowl of mushy feelings. The girl needs some serious time on the couch. Trevor Lockley as a father makes Liam’s father seem almost Mr. Cleaver-ish; at least there is some evidence that the guy loves his wayward son. Lockley is a butthead from start to finish. Am I the only one who rejoiced a little when Angel was able to get through his door uninvited? No wonder Kate is so messed up.

But on to happier things.

daddy issues

Dyed by Dizzy Blonde


The Sunnydale Yarn Club is pleased to represent this rather grim episode with a colorway that is anything but. Daddy Issues (80/10/10 Merino, Cashmere, Nylon) is a rich mix of greens, golds, and red-browns pulled from Liam’s vest and his father’s coat.

At least Liam and Pops battled in sartorial style.

So what are you thinking of whipping up with this month’s offering? Something for Dad, for Father’s Day?


Favorite Quote:
Angelus: Strange. Somehow you seemed taller when I was alive.
Angel’s Father: Lord, bind this demon now.
Angel: To think I ever let such a tiny, trembling thing make me feel the way you did.

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Sunnydale Yarn Club: BDH

Angel Season 1, Episode 9

Colorway: Big Damn Hero

There are times when I just want to wring Cordelia’s neck. Not because she is stunning, not because she has legs for days, but because she can be absolutely oblivious. Sure, she gains insight and transcendy-ness by the end of Angel, but in the first season, she just needs a good slap upside the head. She loses a decent guy, just when she finally realizes he is no loser.

Given, Doyle could be a bit more upfront about his DNA. But this is a good guy. Sneezing is an issue for him, and his life has its challenges, but he is ga-freaking-ga over Cordy and we all know that this is a fixer-upper worth some effort. Why doesn’t Cordy?!?!



When he makes a very fateful decision in this episode, it’s heartbreaking. So much potential for someone to be happy – and as we all know, there are very few opportunities for happiness without a badness chaser in this series. Every time I watch this episode, knowing what will happen, I yell at the TV and try to change what cannot be changed.



At least we have a little piece of our Hero to keep with us. This merino / cashmere / nylon blend is just soft and yummy, and the rich browns and reds scream our dear Doyle’s fashion sense. The greens, of course, remind us of his piercing green eyes and Bracken demon skin to match.

Hubba hubba!

(This colorway also knits up with a gorgeous gradient-stripe effect – I’m probably going to use it for a pair of socks to take full advantage of that.)

Gradient Stripe Big Damn Hero, dyed by Mad Color

Gradient Stripe Big Damn Hero, dyed by Mad Color


Doyle joins the ranks of tragic Whedonverse heros with a leap into the Beacon – after, of course, passing the gift of Visions from the PTB to Cordelia, in one last kiss.  And look!  He even wears a brown coat!

Seriously, Cordelia just plain blew it.

Favorite QuoteWhen the chips are down, and you’re at the end of your rope you need someone that you can count on. And that’s what you’ll find here – someone who’ll go all the way, who’ll protect you no matter what. So don’t lose hope. Come on over to our offices and you’ll see that there’s still heroes in this world. (Allen Francis Doyle)

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