A Second Visitation to the Third Calling (Memberships)

Third Calling Memberships are now open…again!




Just to recap:

Dizzy Color:  Sunnydale is a yarn club inspired by Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.  Each “Patrol” or “Calling” will be 4 months long, with a 2-month hiatus between each patrol.

The yarn will be approx. 4 oz/110g. of glorious Merino/Cashmere/Nylon sock yarn, and dyed to perfection by either Dizzy Blonde Studios or Mad Color Fiber Arts.

We even include a little something extra:  Stitch/Row marker charms that attach to the charm bracelet from Patrol 5. (Message us if you weren’t a member of patrol 5, but are interested in a bracelet)  And as always, there will be an original pattern designed exclusively for this Patrol by a very talented budding designer.

All this for a mere $134.00, domestic, $144.00 Canadian, and $148.00 for all other international.  This includes shipping for all 4 installments.  What a deal!

For Season 9 aka “Third Calling” we’ll be back in the world of our favorite brooding vamp, and all of the campy vampiness that Angel, Season 3 has to offer!

So just a quick note on how sign-ups are going to work.  Memberships are open now!  There are Paypal buttons at the top of this post as well as in the sidebar.   Just click on the relevant button to reserve your spot.  Make sure you have your current address entered into Paypal and include your Ravelry ID in the “notes” section so we can more easily match you up.

32 member are our target number, however, that’s not a hard number, and we’ve been known to take all comers. Additionally, if you really REALLY want to get in on Third Calling, but can’t swing the full amount up front, please PM me. I’ve been known to be a bit accommodating in the past.  If you’ve already signed up back in December, your spot is secure, so now worries!

First shipment will go out at the end of February, with the last shipment going out in May and the pattern download going out by the middle of June.

Membership sign-ups close on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 29018 so don’t delay.  Join today!

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2 Responses to A Second Visitation to the Third Calling (Memberships)

  1. Reena Pastakia says:


    I love your yarns and I’m a massive Buffy fan. I’m really tempted by your club but I just wanted to clarify whether all four yarns are shipped at the same time or is it month by month? The issue is that the VAT and customs duty is a killer when I buy things from the US. Essentially if the value of an item is greater than £15 I am subject to VAT (20%) and if it is greater than circa £100 it is subject to Duty as well!

    Sorry to hear that 2017 was so awful and especially sorry to hear about Laura’s father’s passing. Losing a beloved parent is so hard, I don’t think anything prepares you for it.

    Sending hugs from across the Pond.


    – Reena Pastakia B: CoconutRaita.com T: CoconutRaita


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