A message from the PTB…

Hey there Scoobies,

2017 had been a rough one, which left both of us finding ourselves in a bit of a re-organizing pattern as the year drew to a close.

While in the midst of selling her house and moving to temporary quarters with family while house hunting from afar and prepping for a cross-country move, Laura very recently suffered the loss of her beloved father, the funeral was held on December 16th. As for Heather, after a year of many ups and downs and changes both good and bad, she has recently started a second full-time job (second to Mad Color) necessitated by the fact her husband was laid-off a week prior to Thanksgiving. She is still adjusting to her new schedule and work load, and is making adjustments as needed to ensure that all clubs can and will continue.

In light of all of this, we have discussed a change to the Dizzy Color schedule. We are both missing the community interaction that we have not had the time to tend to with this wonderful Sunnydale community, nor have we been able to promote the club as it deserves. It is our desire to delay the 3rd calling, seeing it to begin shipping in February rather than December, with memberships being re-opened today for those who may have missed out on the initial membership drive.

Membership sign-ups will be in the next post as well as over in the side-bar (as soon as we can get the stupid Paypal buttons to work)

Our Sunnydale community is one we both value so very much. It is YOUR club as much as it is ours, and we very much want to be sure that you are happy going forward.

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1 Response to A message from the PTB…

  1. Anne says:

    Yikes, those are a lot of major life changes for the both of you. I hope that things settle down into a smoother groove soon.
    But a tiny speck of selfishness is excited about a second chance to sign up for this Calling.
    Best wishes though.

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