Patrol 6 Memberships are Open!

Sign ups are now closed. If you missed out on the 6th Patrol, check back in December for membership for the 3rd calling!

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5 Responses to Patrol 6 Memberships are Open!

  1. Anne Charlotte Balduf says:

    Dear Dizzy Color yarn geniuses, I am not sure I can make patrol 6. If I have to sit it out, will you automatically invite me back for next year’s shenanigans, or will I need to Ravelry stalk you and jump up and down in the queue for another chance?

    Concerned in Carolina,

    Anne B

    • Laura says:

      Dear Concerned:

      Stalking is never a bad idea. Quite often things fall our of our heads, whether it be from doing way too many things at the same time or just the natural course of the aging process, we don’t always remember to do things. Memberships are always open on a first-come, first-served basis, so no need for a super secret special invite.

      Rav Stalking is one way to go, but you can also stalk us here at the blog, Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram! May as well hit them all to ensure maximum stalkerage!

      That being said, if you can swing it for Patrol 6, we can always set you up to make payments. PM Laura if this is relevant to your interest.


      Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered

  2. Anne Balduf says:

    If I sit out this patrol, will you still invite me to the next one?
    Concerned in Carolina,


  3. Anne Balduf says:

    Sorry for the double whine.

    Anne in Carolina

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