SYC: Out For a Walk…

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Episode 5.5
“No Place Like Home”
October 21, 2000

Are you Team Angel, or Team Spike? (Or, yawn… Team Riley?)

I am in the Team Spike camp, with a few reservations. He has no time, skill, or patience for the romance, although the boy tries – I crack up every time he practices with the Buffy mannequin. That poor box of chocolates. He is not a vampire of hearts and roses and Sarah McLaughlin tunes – although he was heading down that road as a human – what a sap, was dear William.


As a vampire, though, Spike knows no moderation, no self control. In this episode, as he begins to struggle with his attraction to Buffy, he starts to stalk her and sets up a shrine to her… ok, spooky and would be a crime in any other ‘Verse.  I have to admit though, there’s something appealing about the hard court press – and obviously, he has the moves, learned over centuries of shagging, to back up the attitude. And, for reals… those abs….

Oh – and that accent.


Compared to Angel, who really doesn’t change much throughout the entire TV canon, Spike goes through some serious personal growth over the course of his time in Sunnydale and LA. This makes him way more interesting to watch – he fails again and again and again to do the right thing, but when the going gets really clinchy, he steps up. So I am willing to forgive and forget, sorta. My feminist side wants to punch him in the jubblies most of the time.

Instead, we offer a club skein that screams Spikey style.



This colorway is gorgeous – I don’t think the picture quite does it justice.

Out. For. A. Walk…. Bitch.” is 80/10/10 Merino / Cashmere / Nylon – 400 yards of black leather, a hint of platinum blond-white, and forest green – a manly colorway, certainly. Work up something nice for the hot blondie bear in your life!


Favorite Quotes

Buffy: What are you doing here? Five words or less.
Out. For. A. Walk… Bitch.

Spike: Oh, yeah, okay. Let me guess — you won’t kill me? Ooh! The whole crowd-pleasing threats and swagger routine. Outstandingly original. You know, I’m just passing through. Satisfied? You know, I really hope so, because God knows you need some satisfaction in life besides shagging Captain Cardboard! And I never really liked you anyway. And you have stupid hair!


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One Response to SYC: Out For a Walk…

  1. kirknits says:

    Annnnnnnnd I love you now. Just so you know!

    Kirsten Maier


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