SYC: It may SEEM like insanity, but it’s SNOT

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Episode 5.9
“Listening to Fear”
First Aired November 28, 2000


This episode was really unsettling. This is the only time a bad guy hits Sunnydale from outerspace – what can Buffy possibly do to combat this hot mess?

And she has her own problems. Can I just say, right up front to get it out of the way, that cancer sucks? It sucketh royally. Can’t imagine the decision making process used to allow Joyce to bow out this way, but overall, the plot line SUCKS. There. Done.

What else is Buffy dealing with. Let’s see… a pseudo-sister who isn’t getting any less annoying, a boyfriend with an inferiority complex, a not-Angel-vampire who wants to jump her bones, and oh, yeah, a god who wants to go home and doesn’t give a rat’s ass who she obliterates to do it.



Glory is a whack-job of the highest order, but at least she has Ben to summon the cleanup on Aisle 3, wherever she spreads her special brand of chaos. These Queller demons seem to be the underachievers of the universe. They obviously didn’t pay attention in class, and didn’t do homework like all the other good little space creatures, so they are delegated to serve as the wad-of-keys-carrying custodians. Instead of brooms and sawdust, they use their own special kind of all purpose mucous cleaner to take out the trash – which as we discover, are all the poor souls who have been brain-sucked by Glory.

This one made a huge mistake when it thought Joyce was a candidate for the Goo-Be-Gone treatment (SORRY, sometimes I can’t HELP it…) and is fairly quickly dispatched by Buffy, with Spike’s help. But before it is 86’d, though, it leaves a stinky trail of carcasses from the crater to Joyce’s bedroom.



There’s no non-yucky segue to a description of the colorway for this episode. “Killer Snot Monster from Outer Space” is 80/10/10 Merino / Cashmere / Nylon – 365 m. of gorgeous browns, and golds, and an olive-y green, cuz, well, boogers. I’m thinking it would make some great socks for a guy, or a great cowl for us Autumn girls.

But please, please, don’t use it to make a hankie. That would be too obvious!


Favorite Quotes

Xander: I still don’t get why we had to come here to get info about a killer snot monster.
Giles: Because it’s a Killer Snot Monster from Outer Space. (pause) I did not say that.

Dawn: There’s a girl at school told me that gelatin is made from ground-up cow’s feet, and that if you eat Jell-O, there’s some cow out there limping with no feet. But, I told her I’m sure they kill ’em before they take off their feet. Right?
Buffy (to Joyce)You’re the one who insisted on teaching her to talk.


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