Will You Heed The Calling?


The wait is almost over my fine Rogue Demon Hunters!  It’s almost that time again!  Time for the next season of the Sunnydale Yarn Club.

But first, a little bit about SYC:

Is this your first time at Dizzy Color’s Sunnydale:  A Buffy/Angel production?  Well, welcome to the Hellmouth.  Where the days are hot, and the vampires are hotter!

Dizzy Blonde Studios and Mad Color Fiber Arts have teamed up to bring you Dizzy Color:  Sunnydale, a yarn club inspired by Joss Whedon’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel.  Each “Patrol” or “Calling” will be 4 months long, with a 2-month hiatus between each patrol.

The yarn will be approx. 4 oz/110g. of glorious Merino/Cashmere/Nylon sock yarn, and dyed to perfection by either Dizzy Blonde Studios or Mad Color Fiber Arts.  However, we are not above surprising you with a different yarn base from time to time.  Just ask those Scoobies who were a part of Patrol 3 and Patrol 4!

And to make things even MORE interesting, we’ll be giving the stitch markers a rest.  Instead, we’ll be doing, something every RDH needs:  a Hex Bag handmade by our very own Heather, the mad one of Mad Color.  And as always, there will be an original pattern an original, designed exclusively for this Patrol by a very talented budding designer.

All this for a mere $130.00, domestic, $140.00 Canadian, and $144.00 for all other international*.  This includes shipping for all 4 installments.  What a deal!

To make thing a little interesting, Season 5 aka “First Calling” will be inspired by the first season of Angel and will feature colorways and a pattern based on aspects of that season. We are very excited about this change of pace!  From which features of the first season of Angel will we be drawing inspiration this time around?  Will your favorite be among them?  Who knows! Additionally we will be hosting a rewatch and discussion in the Ravelry Group.

So just a quick note on how sign-ups are going to work.  As with Patrol 4, there will not be any pre-registration. When memberships open up, hopefully on or around November 7, we’ll put Paypal buttons both in a separate post as well as in the sidebar where the countdown is currently located. Just click on the relevant button to reserve your spot.  Make sure you have your current address entered into Paypal and include your Ravelry ID in the “notes” section so we can more easily match you up.

32 member are our target number, however, that’s not a hard number, and we’ve been known to take all comers in the past. Additionally, if you really REALLY want to get in on Mission 1, but can’t swing the full amount up front, please PM me. I’ve been known to be a bit accommodating in the past.

First shipment will go out in December, with the last shipment going out in March and the pattern download going out by the middle of April.

Membership sign-ups close on November 30, 2015, so don’t delay.  Join today!

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