Spike Wants You…


…to join the Sunnydale Yarn Club, Patrol 4!  And we’ll go one better than that.  Things are about to get interesting, because we’re having a contest, and there are 2 ways you can be eligible to win some yarny and Hellmouthy goodness.

Option #1:  Calling all media socialites!

Do you have a blog (or several), podcast, vidcast, Youtube channel?  Do you have a facebook page (or twenty)?  Do you Tweet, Instagram, or are members/moderators of Ravelry groups, then now is your chance to shine.  Here’s you you do it!

  1. Between now and the end of the membership drive, May 31, 2015, and by using whatever social media is at your disposal, pimp the Sunnydale yarn Club.  You can find all of the details here.  Use as many or as few as you like.  Or just “share” this post and link.  It’s all good!
  2. Instruct your readers/listeners/watchers/friends/followers that when they come to sign up, just leave a comment in one of the posts of how they found out about the yarn club, and both you and the person you referred will be entered into a drawing for Dizzy Blonde Studios and Mad Color and/or Buffy-centric swag.
  3. Leave a comment here letting us know who to thank for pimping us, (and a link to your particular media choice so that we can stalk you and send others to stalk you as well)
  4. After May 31, 2015, watch for a post announcing the winners.

Option #2:  Welcome to the Hellmouth!

  1. Join the Sunnydale Yarn Club Patrol 4 by May 31, 2015, by clicking here.
  2. Leave us a comment in the…well…comment section, telling us how you heard about Patrol 4, ie, name of the blog, podcast, videocast, rav group, rav/twitter.instagram handle, Facebook page,etc.
  3. After May 31, 2015, watch for a post announcing the winners.

Your slayer needs you!  Membership sign-ups close on May 31, 2015, so don’t delay.  Join today!!


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3 Responses to Spike Wants You…

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  2. Merrie says:

    Ready for another adventure @cutemexinhawaii, mhhan on FB and cutemexinhawaii on Instagram

  3. sizeG says:

    Hi! I’m so excited!! I’ve never joined a yarn club before, but I’ve been admiring itgirl’s yarns and handiwork and I saw her post about this club on her Facebook wall. So here I am!

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