Patrol 2 Scoobie Roll Call


So, we fired up the random number generator and something amazing happened.  Willow must have used her uber-powers, because ALL of the potentials were tapped, not just 32 of you! Hey, the more slayers, the more slayage, right?  Right!

  1. loriz10
  2. Ekolatch
  3. manadabomb
  4. medotseth
  5. eemulleye
  6. mysticmoon
  7. abbieN
  8. lmardennh
  9. TammyG
  10. beverleeee
  11. Tinkingbell
  12. buzzedangel
  13. EdenMB
  14. mpythonfan828
  15. Spanishviolet
  16. cutemexinhawaii
  17. Rem132
  18. cricha22
  19. Barboursuz
  20. Dragonfly7673
  21. itgirl
  22. kandbpurple
  23. chittavrtti
  24. k8black
  25. crystalp
  26. iwearthecheese
  27. JessiaSott
  28. Stlees
  29. hewi
  30. TransBRAT
  31. finasc
  32. unraveledellin
  33. turtleknitting
  34. Knittinkitten13
  35. SammyRosie
  36. Lanois
  37. KayDeeCrafts
  38. TheYarnSellar

By Thursday, May 8 you’ll be getting an email either from Dizzy Blonde Studios or Mad Color with a paypal link. Payment is due by Thursday, May 15th. If for any reason you cannot make that deadline, but are still interested in club membership, please PM one of us, and we’ll try to work with you.

Additionally, if you’re an international member, please pm KnottyLa or MadColor so we know which paypal link to send you

Congrats Scoobs, and welcome (back) to the Hellmouth!!

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2 Responses to Patrol 2 Scoobie Roll Call

  1. Christine says:

    I am super excited the closer it gets to the first yarn installment! So excited that I in fact decided I just really needed to watch Buffy again so I started watching for the very beginning last week. When I started Season 2 I did so trying to pay attention to colors to see if I could predict colors schemes you’d be using. I saw 2 sweaters in 2 different episodes earlier in the season but I didn’t write down which ones they were. I’m currently watching episode 18 and there are 3 fantastic sweaters in there; 2 worn by Zander and 1 by Willow, all with great colors! How does one go about finding out if anyone has recreated any of them? I’m definitely paying more attention the further I get… Hurry up June! This is the first yarn club I’ve participated in so yeah, I’m excited!

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