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Sunnydale Yarn Club Patrol 2 Pre-registration

Is live!  Sorry for the delay.  Life smacked me upside the head yesterday and I dropped the ball on getting everything ready for this morning.  Except for a slight concussions (not really) I’m perfectly fine.  At any rate, pre-registration for … Continue reading

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Sunnydale: 2nd Patrol

Missed out on Patrol 1?  Well, you might be luck, because Parol 2 begins soon.  But first, a word from our sponsor: Is this your first time at Dizzy Color’s Sunnydale:  A Buffy/Angel production?  Well, welcome to the Hellmouth.  Where the days … Continue reading

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To Read Makes Our Speaking English Good

My Boyfriend Is A Demon Robot  “I, Robot… You, Jane” was episode 8 of season 1.  Willow meets a boy on the Internet, but “Malcolm” is really Moloch, an ancient demon released from bondage after Willow scanned his “book” into … Continue reading

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All the Underworld is a Stage

This installment of the Dizzy Color Sunnydale Yarn Club (Feb. 2014) was inspired by the episode “The Puppet Show.”  One of my favorites, this episode taps into that irrational fear we all have of creepy dolls (I mean, we do … Continue reading

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